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TicketsAndBackstage specializes in VIP contact information used to request and obtain Backstage passes, VIP passes, All Access passes, MeetnGreet passes, Photo passes, Press passes, Pit passes... If its a pass, it can be requested.

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Backstage pass information can be used to request backstage passes, memorabilia autographs, fundraiser / donations and more. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!!

You name the pass, the artist and with our 30 years of experience, we will get you VIP contact information to the right person, and most times, get request GRANTED!!

We have access to over 65,000 VIP contacts to every performing / touring artist and update our information continuously, so the contact information is ALWAYS accurate.

For $20, you will receive the VIP contacts name, Address, Office number, Fax number and our Copyrighted Users Guide explaining how to use this information most effectively to get the request granted. Have questions - Contact Us